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What is Diamastone?

Diamastone Quartz Surfaces, the latest technology and automation created wtith just the right combination for the ultimate solution to your design ideas. Our Diamastone Quartz Surfaces are produces with the latest technology.

Made from 93% natural Quartz aggregates (one of the hardest natueral minerals) and high quality polymer resins and pigments, Diamastone Quartz Surfaces are produced by the most technologically advanced machinery on the market today. Each slab is made from an automatically pre-calculated formula, syncrhonized by the mixers assuring the best and cleanest mixture and finally poured into molds “vibrocompressed” under vacum, baked and polished to the finish materials.

Diamastone Quartz Surfaces is a blending of materials in harmony to prodeuce slabs in a variety of single color choices or multi-color selection full of the rich depth deserving of natural stone.

Diamastone Quartz Surfaces are highly compact, durable and totally resistant to corrosive chemical agents. Diamastone Quartz Surfaces are highly resistant to scratches, helping to maintain long term beauty and minimize maintenance costs. whether your project need is a big or small, Diamastone slabs and tiles can cover it all with the availibility of different slac and tile sizes as well as the capability of producing cut to size orders for our customer. Diamastone Quartz Surfaces meet the needs of any custom installation.



The new Quartz slab from Stone Marketing & Design Services!

Partnering with state-of-the-art manufacturing plants around the world wich are adopting the latest technologies available to produce Quartz Slabs, SMDS is pushing the limits and chanding the perception of the tradiotional appearance of Quartz Slabs.

We now offer the beauty of a premium Statuario natural marble but with all the techninal characteristics of Quartz.

Desert Series

Nature Series

OMNI Kitchen Work Process

kitchen process

01 - Floor Plan

01 - Floor Plan

As a first step, we advise clients to draw a floor plan of their kitchen indicating dimensions of the cabinets, where the power outlets and switches are, position of the range hood, bulkheads etc., Photographs of the kitchen area is also a good idea. All this would help us in providing you with an accurate quotation for the project.

02 - Design

02 - Design

Once you provide us with the above, an appointment would be scheduled with one of our qualified designers. It would be great if you can bring along family members, designers, contractors if any for the meeting as everyone could participate in preliminary layout and design details of your kitchen.

03 - Adjustment

03 - Adjustment

Once we complete the initial drawings, we recommend that you take time at home and discuss everything that was talked about. Should you need changes, feel free to contact the kitchen designer you met with and make the required changes. This would help the designer to prepare for the second meeting. A "Retainer Fee" would be required if you wish to obtain any drawings or artwork prepared. This amount would be credited on the invoice.

04 - Finalizing

04 - Finalizing

Once second the second meeting is concluded, you would have a very clear idea regarding the style and layout of your new kitchen. Once your budget and our prices are in sync and you are ready to place an order, a Project Manager would be assigned who would obtain exact measurements of the space.

05 - Order

05 - Order

You would once again be given the opportunity to go over and confirm the plans, elevations, hardware and material selections. At this point in time, a work scheduled will be done with exact pricing.

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